1. Masters Crossfit: Crossfit After 40 (Part One)

    The fountain of youth is one thing we haven’t yet perfected — sure we have anti-aging measures through living a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition — but our bodies continue to age. Aging becomes more apparent in our late 30s and early 40s where we can keep up physically with younger people…Read More

  2. Gotta Get Up To Get Down: Scaled Pull-Ups

    If you’re new to Crossfit or weight training, pull-ups are one of the most essential, efficient, and effective body-weight movements to increase your upper body strength — so get used to them because they’re not going away! Many times people are intimidated by them and skip them in their worko…Read More

  3. How To Stay Safe In The Crossfit Open

    If your local crossfit box has already been posting it, the event that crossfitters look forward to every year is here: the 2018 Crossfit Open. The Crossfit Open is directly associated with the Crossfit Games, and challenges people to compete in hopes, for the rare few, to make it to regionals, then…Read More

  4. Monday February 12th, 2018

    nWelcome 6 Week Transformation Challengers! "Manic Monday" 1. Find a one rep Max Front Squat,  10 min max 2. 3 RFT "Michael" 800m Run 50 Hip Extensions 50 Abmat Situps…Read More

  5. Crossfit in the New Year

    As the new year approaches, new intentions and goals are being formulated and set in anticipation. If you’re curious about Crossfit and want a better understanding before you sign up for your first class, we’ll cover beginner Crossfit information here! Crossfit explained Beginning a new exercise…Read More