As the new year approaches, new intentions and goals are being formulated and set in anticipation. If you’re curious about Crossfit and want a better understanding before you sign up for your first class, we’ll cover beginner Crossfit information here!

Crossfit explained

Beginning a new exercise program is a big step in itself, and Crossfit oftentimes gets a negative rap for its intensity or complexity, but it’s like any program — once you understand the basics, you can see everything more clearly.

So, what exactly is Crossfit? Crossfit is a fitness regimen that focuses on high intensity movements from across different genres of sports and exercise. One day you may be running sprints and back squatting, and the next may be filled with pullups and toes-to-bar. Consistent Crossfit training results increased muscle mass in addition to fat loss.Crossfit incorporates functional movements so that participants grow in their ability to move furniture or lift heavy carry-ons overhead with ease.

How to get started

The initial step is to sign up for a class — really it’s not intimidating at all! Here at Crossfit Port Saint Lucie, we understand how daunting it can seem, and we’re here in all capacities. Whether you prefer one-on-one training or group classes, we cover it all.

Crossfit is like learning a new language; you won’t become fluent by practicing a couple words or phrases once a week, you become fluent by immersing yourself in the language and culture. Once you immerse yourself into the Crossfit culture, you easily understand the lingo such as WOD, EMOM, and AMRAP.

It all starts with the WOD

WOD stands for “workout of the day” and when you begin a crossfit class, you’ll likely all gather around the whiteboard where it is listed. The WOD gives instruction on what you’ll be working on that day. Some WODs have specific names for specific workouts that have been developed in the crossfit community, names like “Karen,” “Murph,” and “Fran.”

Once you receive the WOD, you’ll have a couple of options to complete the workout. The given WOD is the prescribed or RX’d workout; this means the workout did not have any modifications. If the workout does have modifications — for example you perform pull ups with a band — it’s considered scaled. You’ll also have a mobility workout before the WOD that works on flexibility and range of motion to help warm-up and prepare your body for the WOD.

In any Crossfit gym, there is a sense of competitiveness, as you have timed workouts where you’re not only racing yourself, but other members. It can get intense with the amount of reps and weight that people use, but when you’re new, do your best! The strength and reps take time, and once you have them, you’ll love to compete.

We all are beginners at some point

In Crossfit gyms, there are a lot of beautiful, strong bodies walking around shirtless and in booty shorts, but don’t be intimidated. Crossfit is community full of people who want to see you succeed, so as long as you’re willing to learn and put your ego aside, people are there to help.

Crossfit Port Saint Lucie

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