If your local crossfit box has already been posting it, the event that crossfitters look forward to every year is here: the 2018 Crossfit Open. The Crossfit Open is directly associated with the Crossfit Games, and challenges people to compete in hopes, for the rare few, to make it to regionals, then on to the Finals, and finally to be crowned the “Fittest On Earth!”

The Crossfit Open spans over five weeks, with one prescribed workout released each Thursday. From there, athletes who participate have until the following Monday to get their scores in. This is a brutal time for athletes as they attempt to access their dark place when the workouts get tough and almost unbearable. With this Thursday’s workout looming, take a couple of minutes to read about how to stay safe in the Crossfit Open.

Healthy competition is great, but focus on yourself

Crossfit naturally drives an elite level of competition, but at the end of the day any athlete will tell you they’re competing against themselves. Beating your best times and lifting heavier than ever should be your focus, and if you happen to qualify for regionals, now that is an added bonus! When you compete against yourself, you keep from making costly and possibly harmful decisions that lead to injury. Always one-up yourself!

What is your body saying?

Perhaps you’re entering the Open with a freshly healed injury, or maybe you’re nursing one. As you prepare for this next workout, be sure to thoroughly warm-up. Do accessory work and a couple lightweight versions of what will be asked of you during the workout. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t push it. Even if you have to abandon the workout, if it saves you from a torn shoulder or blown achilles tendon, it’s worth listening to your body.

Keep it your workout tight

Proper technique during the workout will do wonders for your body and your results. You’re going to be tired and you’re going to fall apart, but this will keep you from suffering major injuries. Always keep things tight and remember, if you’re doing as many reps as possible (AMRAP) think of it in this way: as many reps as pretty, to help check your technique!

Deload or participate in active recovery

During the Open it’s important to either deload and not really workout at all except for the Open workout, or actively recover with doing activities such as walking, hiking, or biking. It’s important to let your body rest and recover from a workout that you’re going all out on.

Don’t perform the workout too many times

We understand it’s important to get the best possible score in the Open, but higher training volumes can increase your risk of injury. If you know you can absolutely get a better score, then go for it, but after repeating it a couple of times, you’ll likely just fall apart!

Good luck in the 2018 Open, Crossfitters! Be smart, safe and recover wisely!

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