In the Crossfit space, it’s been buzzing with recent activity of the Crossfit Open held in February, followed with the Crossfit Regionals in May, and now the climax coming in August, with the Crossfit Games — it’s the season of Crossfit!

If you’re ready to join a Crossfit class or are curious about what we offer at Crossfit Port Saint Lucie, stop in for a class! We believe that everyone — beginners included — should have access to elite training. We know that CrossFit can be intimidating which is why we want to break down some of the spoken and unspoken rules of the gym. So, get ready and test your knowledge!

The Rules of the Gym

It’s important to understand the spoken and unspoken rules of the gym to for a positive gym experience.

Clean up after yourself.

If you use gym equipment, it’s important to put it away. Although this seems pretty obvious, you’ll still find a squat rack loaded or dumbells scattered. Time and space are crucial for a good Crossfit workout, so if you and your class have to clean things up, there is going to be an issue! Take pride in the space you have and clean up after yourself.

Don’t swipe equipment that may be in use.

Even if it looks like the equipment was left out, chances are, there is a person using it and is in the middle of an EMOM or HIIT segment. Just leave the equipment be and find your own!

Be punctual.

If you have a set Crossfit class time, arrive on time. Obviously, things happen and can cause you to be late, but don’t make it a habit. Gyms are hard set on this rule — some gyms will turn you away if you’re more than five minutes late, or impart a late penalty with burpees. People pay good money for a group class, so don’t be the straggler that puts a kink in the well-oiled machine!

Reserve your space.

It’s important to let the Crossfit coach know — through an online portal — that’ll you’ll be in class. This is important because certain class times fill up much more quickly, so they need to know how much space and equipment will be required. If you’ve ever been to a class where no one really signed up but everyone came, you know how it can affect the WOD. It can start late, there may not be enough room, and the overall vibe is down. Don’t add to this, and always reserve your spot in class.

Pay attention to the coach.

Regardless if this is your millionth class or your first, pay attention to what the coach is saying. Even though you may know exactly how to execute an overhead squat, let the others absorb the information so they can perform the movement correctly. Don’t take away someone else’s learning opportunity and pay attention to the coach.

Now that we’ve listed some common rules, are you following them?!

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