1. I’m Hooked!

    "My husband and I started our workout journey with p90x. We saw good results but got bored with the same routine over and over. Then we found Crossfit Hardbodies! This place has wieght lifting, circut training, cardio, kettle bells, the whole nine. I look forward to seeing Edson and getting my butt kicked every morning. Plus it’s helped me lose weight and gain strength. The personal trainers the…Read More

    Bethany T.
  2. It’s Always A Challenge

    "Just Fantastic! I was bored to death working out in the traditional gym. Crossfit Hardbodies got me excited about working out again! Every day there’s a different workout posted. It’s always a surprise. It’s always a challenge. It’s always great! Edson, Fortune, Troy, and Rebecca offer outstanding instruction and encouragement. It’s a lot of work but I’ve never looked better or felt b…Read More

    Melanie Z.
  3. Nothing Else Compares

    "If you're looking for the most challenging workout around and a staff that’s motivating Crossfit Hardbodies is it. I’ve done numerous workout routines from the standard gym to P90X and nothing else compares."…Read More

    Alicia S.
  4. Workouts Have Transformed My Body

    "Six months ago after being depressed because I didn’t like the way I looked, I made the decision to join Crossfit Harbodies. I thought I couldn’t do any of the workouts and I was wrong; box jumps, 400 meter runs, tire flipping, kettle bell swinging, jump roping, and so many other cool workouts have transformed my body and my life! I recommend Crossfit Hardbodies to everyone that is looking fo…Read More

    Seth F.
  5. Changed My Life

    "Crossfit Hardbodies changed my life in so many ways i cant even describe it. im addicted to it."…Read More

    Michelle R.
  6. Fun Environment

    "I absolutely love Crossfit Hardbodies! It’s such a fun environment where the coaches and other members push you to be your best everyday! I look forward to the workouts and seeing how much stronger I’ve become. Definitely beats a boring gym!!"…Read More

    Don E.
  7. Definitely A Great Decision

    "Crossfit Hardbodies has changed my life! I was so bored with traditional gym! I love how there is a workout set for the class, edson, fortune and Rebeca are very helpful and push you to your limits. Definitely a great decision I made!"…Read More

    Shannon W.
  8. Incredible

    "Best decision I ever made in my life!!!! The results Im seeing on my body are incredible. I cant get enough of Crossfit Hardbodies!!!!!"…Read More

    Tonya H.
  9. You Might Just Find A New Family

    "My wife and I joined Crossfit Hardbodies Nov. 2011, it has been one of the best things we have done. As a firefighter it is important for me to stay in shape and I never really enjoyed a traditional gym. At Crossfit Hardbodies it’s like having a whole new workout family, everyone is very motivated about working out and are very encouraging to each other. If you want a fun way to either get into…Read More

    Phil O.
  10. Your Age or Skill Level Doesn’t Matter

    "If you’re serious about improving your life than crossfit hardbodies is a must! Every workout is different and challenging. Your age or skill level doesn’t matter as long as you’re committed."…Read More

    Sue H.
  11. Positive Environment

    "I absolutely love crossfit hardbodies! Fortune and Edson have created such a positive environment- one where everyone encourages eachother to do better every day. I am in the best shape I have ever been in my life because of them and while I have a lot of work to do, I’m excited to be doing it at hardbodies!"…Read More

    Isabel L.
  12. I Feel Empowered, Proud, Strong, And Healthy

    "Wow…where to start. August 2011 was my 40th birthday. I was tired of being tired…I was tired of being overweight & unhealthy. The first 40 years flew by so quickly, I was afraid the next 40 would fly by too. I didn’t want to continue feeling the way I was feeling. I have always enjoyed watching “The Biggest Loser” & dreamed of having a trainer. I came across an ad for Crossfit &…Read More

    Julie L.