1. You Will Be So Happy You Did

    "Crossfit Hardbodies saved me from the boring traditional gym…..I have worked out for many many years and was getting very tired of the regular boring gym setting. I was very intimidated of crossfit at first but am so glad I decided to visit and join in on my first workout..I have never looked back. Edson and Fortune are family now!!! I have made many friends and look forward to my morning class…Read More

    Jeff S.
  2. Simply Amazing

    "I recently relocated to Florida and needed to find a new place to workout. I am extremely happy that I came across Crossfit Hardbodies. I have worked out my whole life and nothing compares to Crossfit Hardbodies. It is the most challenging and rewarding workout around. Edson, Fortune, and Rebecca encourage and motivate you to do things beyond what you may feel is physically possible. Every day th…Read More

    Brian S.
  3. Life Changing Place

    "Crossfit Hardbodies is truly an amazing and life changing place! I’ve been attending a year now and only have great things to say about it. This will definitely be one of many years for me. Since I’ve been coming, WE NEVER have done the same workout/route twice. For me, that was one of the most appealing things. NEVER BORING! Everyday is a new and challenging experience. I feel more confident…Read More

    Jenn E.
  4. I Refer Everyone

    "I have been a trainer for the last 8 yrs. About 4 yrs ago I started searching for different ways to train my body and to help my clients get to the next level. I learned about Crossfit Hardbodies, came in to workout and was hooked ever since! This is what I had been searching for. A way to train like an athlete. It was perfect for me and fun for my clients. NEVER the same and never boring. It’s…Read More

    Rebeca C.
  5. Feel Strong and Healthy

    "Bored and frustrated with the usual gym fare in the area, when I found CFHB in 2010 I found passionate coaches and trainers, a team training concept and workouts that push my limits. Shin splints that plagued my high school track career and running attempts thereafter were eliminated with the professional eye of Coach Edson who made some minor corrections to my technique–I have been pain-free s…Read More

    Pam F.
  6. Comfortable But Very Challenging

    "My son and I joined crossfit and its amazing! The atmosphere is comfortable but very challenging. I was very intimidated at first because I thought as a beginner I had to be “in shape” or very “athletic”, this is not the case there many people that are in great shape but they encourage you and the staff Never quit on you they are with 100% of the time and no there is no separate fee for t…Read More

    Caroline R.
  7. Knowledgeable and Always Right There

    "I just LOVE Crossfit Hardbodies!!!!! There program is super great if you’re looking to shed body fat fast and tone up at the same time.. The staff at Hardbodies is knowledgeable and always right there to make sure what your doing is correct. If your looking for a fun place to work out in Port Saint Lucie then look no further!"…Read More

    Steve S.
  8. Great Trainers And The Best Money Spent On Myself By Far

    "I joined Crossfit Hardbodies about a month ago and I can’t stop talking about how great it is to everyone. I love the daily challenges I encounter and even though I sometimes doubted myself I managed to overcome my fear of not being able to complete my workout. It is such a huge difference to work out as a team rather than being a loner at the gym. After my first workout I cancelled my gym memb…Read More

    Beth K.
  9. Definitely Recommend

    "I really like the work out I get from cross fit hardbodies!! I’ve been going for over a month now and I can already feel the difference in my body. I feel stronger, my clothes fit better, and I have more energy!!! The staff is amazing, they are extremely supportive, encouraging, and motivating!!! I would definitely recommend crossfit hardbodies!"…Read More

    Sam R.
  10. Amazing Coaches, Great Atmosphere

    "Amazing coaches, great atmosphere. The workouts are challenging but doable. The results for your hard work come faster than any other training out there. This is a place you come to when you are ready to get fit and healthy. Not only will they help push you to your exercise and endurance goals but they also help guide you to better nutrition and health. This is fitness for all ages, my 13 year ol…Read More

    Jenn M.
  11. The Coaches Are Amazing

    "I love crossfit I would never go back to a regular gym. The coaches are amazing and the atmosphere is awesome. Everyday that i go i get motivated. I like how there’s a different workout everyday and they teach you how to do it correctly. Most definitely worth giving it a shot its totally worth it!"…Read More

    Paul M.
  12. Great Workouts

    "Great workouts that are constantly changing. They care very much and are willing to help in all areas of fitness. It is like a family and is encouraging and challenging at the same time. After every workout there is a big sense of accomplishment."…Read More

    Steve D.