In our last blog, we touched on how to stay safe in the Crossfit open! Now that the US Crossfit open has concluded — we have to ask — did you participate and how did you do? There are a lot of emotions going into, during, and after the Crossfit games, so hopefully you’re taking care of yourself.

In today’s post, we’ll talk about the 2018 Crossfit Open and the leaders, and address post-care tips! For all of your Crossfit, weight training, and boot camp classes, connect with Crossfit Port Saint Lucie!

The Leaderboard of the Crossfit Games 2018:


  • Mathew Fraser
  • Alex Vigneault
  • Willy Georges
  • Jean-Simon Roy-Lemaire
  • Patrick Vellner


  • Cassidy Lance-McWherter
  • Kara Saunders
  • Carolyne Prevost
  • Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
  • Annie Thorisdottir

The Crossfit Open can beat your body up, especially if you’re re-doing the workouts and not listening to your body — in time it takes a toll. Have you been good to your body throughout the open? Here are our best post-care tips to incorporate after the 2018 Crossfit Open has concluded.

The quicker our bodies can recover, the sooner we can come back, and make stronger progress. The open challenges us mentally and our bodies physically, which means it’s undergoing an influx of stress. Each time we work out and properly recover, the higher our homeostasis level can reset and adapt to what its being subjected to. The key to this is proper recovery. It’s listening to your body and scaling things back if need be.

Sleep – Sleep is one of the best ways to help our bodies recover. Every person is different in the amount of sleep they require, so sleep adjust your sleep accordingly. If you’re dragging through your days and have to really dig in for a workout, you may want to sleep more. Help your body wind down with meditation or an activity that helps you relax, or take power naps throughout your day.

Nutrition – Nutrition is hugely important in how your body recovers post-open. Protein helps repair and restore damaged tissue and aids in muscle gain. Next to protein are carbohydrates. We need carbs to restore glycogen builds and prevent our bodies from storing fat. The amount you require will vary based on the intensity of training being performed and the duration.

Detoxing – We mention detoxing in the sense of clearing metabolite by-products, such as the those that make us sore including lactic acid. To move and help detoxify the metabolites, you can do a couple simple things including:

  • Infrared sauna – The heat and light help release toxins and metabolites.
  • Active recovery – Light movements such as walking or gentle, restorative yoga.
  • Hot/Cold therapy – When you alternate between a hot shower and cold bath, you can constrict and dilate your blood vessels to help usher out the toxins.

Tending to tissue – Strenuous workouts bring sore muscles that sometimes hurt enough with the lightest pressure, which is why it’s important to stay ahead of it. Things like foam rolling, massage therapy, and mobility exercise can work wonders for your sore muscles and tissue.

We hope you had a great 2018 Crossfit Open! Remember to help your body properly recover by tending to your sleep, nutrition, and muscles and tissue and help it out by detoxing with an infrared sauna, movement, and hot/cold therapy.

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