We’ve seen a shift in the health and fitness space over the last couple of years. The narrative has altered its focus from lending energy to how to be “toned” and “how to lose fat,” to muscle building and increasing your personal fitness; being thin is no longer the end goal. The conversation is focused around lean muscle, strength, and proper nutrition, while women such as Brooke Ence and Brooke Wells are challenging the fitness space and showing everyone how being strong, fit and muscular is a thing to be admired.

Wherever you are in the exploration of fitness, at some point the waters can get murky. You can be on a roll and commit to your workout for weeks on end, and then suddenly plateau or wake up one morning and have no motivation. If you want to succeed in the gym this year, make it a point to break these bad habits in 2018!

Bad fitness habits to break

They say habits are made or broken in 21 days. Making change is difficult, but if you can survive the 21 days, you have a much better chance at being a stronger, healthier version of yourself. You don’t have to be perfect — you just have to keep going! Consistency is not a sexy thing, you don’t see it plastered on social media, but everyone who’s killing it in the health and fitness space lives and breathes consistency!

  • Ditch the excuses – You know what’s easy to come with? An excuse. Every day you could come up with a new excuse to not train. It’s not to say don’t be gentle and forgiving with yourself if you’re having a rough day, but it’s learning how to pick yourself up and learn about who you are when you don’t want to do something. So the challenge is then, to leave the excuses behind and push past them. The more you ditch the excuses, the more positive habits you’ll create.
  • Ditch the low-calorie diet – If you’re looking to gain lean muscle in addition to losing fat, yes, you’ll need an energy deficit in your diet, but you still need to fuel your body properly. Women are notorious for training hard and then fueling their bodies with less than 1,100 calories a day. This can actually put your body into starvation mode and hold on to fat longer. So eat the calories and watch your fat loss ramp up!
  • Ditch the anti-inflammatories pre and post-workout – The thought around anti-inflammatories are that they’ll help reduce the pain pre and post-workout. While this may be true, they can be harmful to your GI tract and prevent muscle building and muscle recovery post workout. So, embrace a little soreness and help your muscles by rolling out or by soaking in a nice epsom salt bath!

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