25 Air Squats
25 Sit-ups
200m run
:60 sec plank

10 min working on Dubs:

be creative with anything you have to DL
(if your load is light do Romanian DL)
Box Jump

Fit Camp:
60 Steps Walking Lunge
30 Sit-Ups
60 Pushups
30 Sit-Ups
60 Steps Walking Lunge
30 Sit-Ups
60 Step Ups or Air Squats if you don’t have anything to step up

Fit Camp:
4 Rounds
15 DB Bent Over Rows (bent legs)
10 Seated Strict Press DB 10lbs (use a chair or other item to sit)
10 Seated Laterals 5 lbs
30 Steps Walking Lunge holding 10lb DB
buy out is:
100 Sit-Ups any which way, be creative and mix it up!!