WOD 9.15.13
9-11 Hero WOD
Where were you on September 11, 2001? It’s amazing to me that when I ask people this question, everyone knows exactly where they were and what they were doing the moment they found out about the attacks on our Nation. As I sit here writing this, I think about this tragic day and I still feel the sadness and anger I felt when I first learned it was an act of Terror, and not a misguided jet. I was riding in my car to work and the reports were not clear at that time. This Weeks Benchmark Hero WOD will be one that was created and done around the world and it is as follows: It is modified slightly due to equipment needs.

The 9-11 WOD – 1 Round
2001m run
11 box jumps (36in/24in)
11 thrusters (75/50) (125 pounds =125 deaths at The Pentagon)
11 burpee to chest to bar pull ups
11 power cleans (105/70) (175 pounds= AA Flight #175, south tower)
11 hand stand push ups
11 kb swings (53/35)
11 toes to bars
11 deadlifts (170/120) (77k = Flight 77)
11 push jerks (65/45) (110 pounds = number of floors in each tower)

2001m run
During this tragic event many ordinary people rose to the occasion and sacrificed their life in an attempt to save others. That is what I love about coaching Crossfit, I love seeing ordinary people rise to the occasion and do things they never thought possible. This WOD is DEFINATELY NOT easy, but it is a great tribute to the many heroes of the event and the amazing people that rose to the occassion to help their fellow man/woman.
As with all WOD’s there will be many scaling options available for those that don’t think they can do the WOD as prescribed. Please do not let the WOD intimidate you; the WOD can be custom tailored for each individual.