I will never forget where I was when I saw the attack on television for
the first time. I was pregnant with Julia and wearing all white scrubs
as I worked as a masseuse for a Chiropractor who happened to have a t.v.
with the attack on live. The images are still vivid in my mind. We all
have memories of where we were and what we felt. Let’s never forget the
sacrifice the Firefighters, Police officers, and regular citizens paid,
for peace to be restored.

We honor those who paid the ultimate price on September 11, 2001

For Time: (11 reps of 9 movements)
2001 Meter Run or Row – represents the year the attack took place
11 Box Jumps (30/24)
11 Thrusters (125/85) – represents the number of deaths occurred at the Pentagon
11 Burpee Chest to Bar Pullups
11 Power Cleans (175/120) – symbolizes American Airlines Flight 175 that hit the south tower
11 KB swings (2pd/1.5)
11 T2B
11 Deadlifts (170/120) – symbolic of Flight 77 and Flight 93 combined
11 Push Jerks (110/75) – represents the number of floors in each tower of the WTC
2001 Meter Run or Row

******If athletes begin the WOD with a Row, they finish with a Run and vice versa.

The workout symbolizes the events that unfolded on September 11, 2001, in its design.
The date and year are represented by the row (i.e. 2001 meters) and the 9 movements, each including 11 repetitions.
The 125-pound Thrusters represent the deaths that occurred at the Pentagon; the 175-pound Power Clean stands for AA
Flight 175 that collided with the South Tower; Flight 77 and Flight 93 were combined and are represented in the 170-pound Deadlift;
and the 110-pound Push Jerk signifies the number floors in each of the Twin Towers.


9 Rounds
11 movements each
30 min cap

!. Air Squats
2. Pushups
3. sit-ups
4. KB SDLHP 16/24 kg
5. Walking Lunges forward
6. Supermans
7. jumprope
8. Sprawl (like a burpee but not all the way down)
9. Calorie Row

so 11 of each movement 9x or 30 min, whichever
comes first