If you’re new to Crossfit or weight training, pull-ups are one of the most essential, efficient, and effective body-weight movements to increase your upper body strength — so get used to them because they’re not going away! Many times people are intimidated by them and skip them in their workout, but with a little time, effort, and patience getting a pull-up or two is completely possible.

At Crossfit Port Saint Lucie, we want you to feel the elation after getting your first pull-up and, then perhaps, your first muscle up! We care about your success and are committed to seeing your goals accomplished, but how do we do that? We implement scalability into your workouts, active coaching, and the best methods for functional movements. Follow along in today’s post and learn how to scale your pull-ups to increase your strength and finally get one!

Breaking the Stigma – Scaled Pull-ups

Everyone has to start somewhere, and to build a strong fitness community, we need to help people go from the inability to do a pull-up to getting the first unassisted pull-up — with no stigma attached. Below are applicable ways to get your first unassisted pull-up that you can start today!

  • The band – Many people don’t always don’t like the suggestion of the band but it’s an easy way to increase reps and build muscle memory for your first pull-up. One of the best features of the band is that it comes in different levels of resistance, so once you’ve gained some strength, you can opt for one with less support. To do a pull-up with a band simply loop it around a bar, place your foot at the the bottom, and proceed to pull-up.
  • The inverted row – You can perform the inverted row on the TRX or in a barbell rack. This movement will help build the necessary strength to get a pull-up. To perform an inverted row, hand below the bar and walk your heels out until your legs are straight. Your hips should be forward and shoulders and scapula retracted. Next row to meet the bar.
  • Negatives – Negatives are just the opposite of a pull-up, where you start over the bar in the chin-over-the-bar position. Slowly lower yourself, through the complete range of motion. This movement will build strength and increase your range of motion.
  • Assisted pull-ups – If you train with a partner, assisted pull-ups are great for gaining traction towards your first pull up. Have your partner aid your pull-up by placing their hands on your hips to guide and assist as much or little as possible, but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.

Pull-ups will make you stronger and only complement your functional fitness, so to get your first unassisted pull up put together a strength routine where you’re implementing scaled pull-ups from the band, practicing inverted rows and negatives, and assisted pull-ups with a partner.
Let’s break the stigma of scaled pull-ups and start doing them today because everyone was a beginner once! There are other gyms in Port Saint Lucie, but not one that provides elite fitness to everyday people.

Join us in the gym today, and schedule a crossfit class to enter a new level of fitness!